Gaylord Discount Program

Gaylord Discount for IAM Members

The Illinois Association of Museums, with the help of Gaylord Bros., a provider of quality archival products and furniture for the museum industry, is offering a new benefit of institutional membership in the Association. When you purchase archival materials from Gaylord using our priority code, a percentage of the total will be donated by Gaylord Bros. to the IAM. IAM provides funding for museums to develop exhibits and educational programming, provide new technology, provide conservation support, provide consultation services, and develop better community awareness. This is a great way to save money for your institution AND help support IAM. 

Here's how it works

Simply place an order with Gaylord Bros using the Gaylord Discount Program. Use the IAM Priority Code ILLAM04 when placing an order at, by phone: 800/448-6160, by Fax: 1-800-272-3412, or by mail: Gaylord Brothers, Inc. PO Box 4901, Syracuse, NY 13221-4901. Gaylord Bros. will track these purchases and donate a percentage to IAM. 

As a member of IAM, you are entitled to the following discounts:

  • 15% off Archival Supplies- Free Shipping on orders over $100
  • 15% off on Library Supplies
  • Save 10% on Furniture
  • 15% off Traditional Supplies- Free Shipping on orders over $100

Visit Gaylord to start saving and sharing today!