Call for Sessions!

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Call for Sessions, Workshops
& Flash Talks

Deadline: 7/31/2019
A SESSION can be a single presenter or a panel of two to four presenters speaking on a single topic for 75 minutes in a conference room setting.

A WORKSHOP is a three hour long instructive, hands-on seminar on a single topic in a workshop setting.

A FLASH TALK  is a usually a single presenter in a designated area in a more casual informal setting for a 20 minute talk with a follow up group discussion.

Send us your ideas for sessions and workshops around the theme "Museums at the Crossroads"

Here are some session concepts - feel free to use any of these ideas:
  • Strategic Planning – Road map to the future
  • Community engagement – make sure every knows where we are going
  • Crisis management -  handle detours, bumpy roads, fender benders and crashes
  • Surveys – don’t be afraid to ask for directions
  • Trail Blazing – The road less traveled can be rewarding yet not without peril
  • Information Super Highway – gathering info at high speeds
  • Techno corridor – what does 5G mean for museums?
  • The journey is the job – changemakers in organizations
  • Convoy or Caravan – working together will get us there quicker
  • Read the signs –
  • Global Positioning for your Museum

 About the theme "Museums at the Crossroads"

As societal norms continue to be discussed, debated, and questioned Museums find themselves in the midst of a changing landscape. A crossroads approaches, and Museums must find the best road forward.
Along the road, we can see the signposts for social change such as race relations, decolonization, social justice, pay equity, and identity. Meanwhile billboards calling news “fake,” questioning expertise, and doubting science line the highways. The very vehicles that take us along the road are also changing as technology changes both how the work is done, but also the behaviors and expectations of those we serve. While all of this change can be quite overwhelming, it is further complicated by the constant speed bumps like shrinking budgets, staffing and volunteer shortages, changing fundraising and grant climates, and increased competition for visitor attention and time.
Changing landscapes and new directions are nothing new, but these issues must be addressed. How can Museum’s adapt to changing internal and external forces and become integral parts of the communities they serve? We invite museum professionals to explore the crossroads that museums are facing to help their colleagues maneuver current and coming change.
Our 2019 Conference will take place at the Bloomington-Normal Marriott Hotel & Conference Center with some workshops, events and gatherings to happen at other nearby locations.

Official Hotel: Bloomington-Normal Marriott Hotel & Conference Center - Special conference rate will be available.