Annual Meeting Mini Conference

Mini-Conference Sessions 

OCTOBER 5, 2018

8:30 – 10:00  Sessions 

Illinois-Based Oral History Programs

Moderator:  Mark R. DePue, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum

Panelists: Peter Alter, Studs Terkel Center, Chicago History Museum; Leah Cohen, Pritzker Military Library; Kimberlie Kranich, Illinois Public Media/WILL

Racial and Economic Division in Illinois Towns

Moderator: Pamela A. Smoot, Southern Illinois University Carbondale

“Was Jerseyville a Sundown Town?” Bishoppe Kamusinga, Principia College

“Wealth Flight: The Progression of Socioeconomic Disparities in the Village of Cahokia,” Monica D. Brooks, Mercer University


Moderator:  Devin Hunter, University of Illinois Springfield

“‘A Young Smithsonian in the West’: The Rise and Fall of the Chicago Academy of Sciences, 1864-1871,” Ronald Scott Vasile, Lockport Township High School

“Landscapes of Commerce and Migration: West Ridge’s Devon Avenue, 1960-2000,” Sebastian Wuepper, Loyola University

10:15 – 11:45  Concurrent Sessions

Politics of Civil War Era Illinois

Moderator: Nick Sacco, U.S. Grant National Historic Site

 “A Sacrificial Lamb?: James M. Taylor Runs for Congress in 1884,” Glenna R. Schroeder-Lein, Independent Scholar

“Leading the Little Giant out of Egypt: Stephen A. Douglas’s Place in Illinois Politics,” Michael E. Woods, Marshall University

New Perspectives on the Illinois Legislature in the 19th Century

Moderator: John Lupton, Illinois Supreme Court

 “The Role of Government in Lincoln’s America: Lincoln’s Internal Improvement Politics Reconsidered,” Stewart Winger, Illinois State University

“On a Road Without Signposts,” Bernard Sieracki, University of Illinois Chicago

Racial Division, Resistance, and Navigation in Illinois

Moderator: Caroline M. Kisiel, DePaul University

“Sidebar: Tuskegee Airmen of Jerseyville and their Story,” John W. Williams, Principia College

“Gertrude Barlabie, Amanda Kitchell, and those Who Helped Them: Underground Railroad Activities in Antebellum Madison County,” J. Eric Robinson, Saint Louis College of Pharmacy

“Ruth Burns was Neither Enslaved nor (Likely) Indentured When She Worked for the Lincolns,” George Provenzano, Lewis and Clark Community College

12:45 – 1:30    (Second Floor, Multi-Purpose Room)

Frank Cicero Jr.

“April 18, 1818: The Day the Land of Lincoln was Created”

Frank Cicero Jr. author of Creating the Land of Lincoln: The History and Constitutions of Illinois, 1778-1870, describes the events of April 1818 that shaped the State of Illinois.


1:45 – 3:15  Concurrent Sessions

The Law and the Development of Illinois

Moderator: Chris Schnell, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum

“Turning Sewage into Gold: How a Supreme Court Decision led to the Rise of Illinois,” Charles Brandon Whitfield, Independent Scholar

“Southern Population, Northern State: Divergent Legal Culture in Illinois, 1815-1842,” Valerie Deisinger, Stanford University

Illinois Civil War Lives

Moderator: Lauren Thompson, McKendree University

“‘Peace had its Defeats’: Researching Civil War Veterans’ Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Insanity,” Brian S. Bradshaw, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville

“Major General John Eugene Smith: Galena’s Forgotten General,” Robert I. Girardi, Independent Scholar

“‘Taught in the School of Affliction’: Lincoln, Grief, and the Civil War in Bloomington,” Megan VanGorder, Northern Illinois University

Popular Culture in Illinois

Moderator: Christian McWhirter, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum

“Made in America: The Federal Music Project in Illinois,” Renée D. Gaarder, Purdue University

“‘Shawneetown was Washed Away’: Disaster and Memory in Southern Illinois Folksong,” Hannah Jellen, University of Illinois

“Pioneers of Early Illinois Base Ball: 1865-1870,” Robert D. Sampson, Millikin University


3:30 – 5:00  Concurrent Sessions

Social and Religious Division in Illinois

Moderator: Mark Pohlad, DePaul University

 “Internal Dissent and External Antagonisms: Mormonism and Religious Conflict in Illinois, 1842-1844,” Brady G. Winslow, Texas Christian University

“The Bridges Between Us: A Reexamination of the Joliet Riot of 1968,” Ashley Rodawold, University of St. Francis

The Japanese Experience in Illinois

Moderator:  Peter Shapinsky, University of Illinois Springfield

“Sister Solidarity Across the Pacific: The First Japanese Female Medical Doctor and Nurses in Illinois,” Takako Day, Independent Scholar

“Japanese American Resettlement in Peoria,” Tina Morris, Bradley University

Illinois Public History Projects and Curation

Moderator:  Terry Jones, Lincoln’s New Salem State Historic Site

“A Peek into the Enos-Hatch Wardrobe: What Their Historic Clothing Tells Us,” Samantha Comerford, Illinois State Museum

 “Interactive Maps for the Illinois Bicentennial,” Megan Maher and John Kostelnick, Illinois State University