Annual Conference

2020 Conference

Adapting to New Realities

IAM is excited to announce its 2020 Conference theme, Adapting to New Realities. For decades, we have been living in a world of accelerating change. Socially, our communities have been undergoing rapid demographic change in terms of ethnicity and gender identity. Politically, our nation has been divided by increasing partisanship, polarization, and tribalism. In 2020, change sped up drastically with a global pandemic and increased tensions from continuous and systemic social inequalities. How can museums adapt to these pressures not only to assure their own survival, but to truly serve their communities? This is an opportunity for museum professionals to share innovative programs, policies, and best practices that can create spaces that encourage learning, reflection, and conversation amid increased pressures on staff, budgets, and communities.

This conference will build upon the popular Museum People Helping Museum People program series. IAM has decided to spread its annual conference over the coming year and will be announcing dates and registration soon. Session proposals can be submitted through September 30 by clicking here.

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