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About the Theme
As societal norms continue to be discussed, debated, and questioned Museums find themselves in the midst of a changing landscape. A crossroads approaches, and Museums must find the best road forward.

Along the road, we can see the signposts for social change such as race relations, decolonization, social justice, pay equity, and identity. Meanwhile billboards calling news “fake,” questioning expertise, and doubting science line the highways. The very vehicles that take us along the road are also changing as technology changes both how the work is done, but also the behaviors and expectations of those we serve. While all of this change can be quite overwhelming, it is further complicated by the constant speed bumps like shrinking budgets, staffing and volunteer shortages, changing fundraising and grant climates, and increased competition for visitor attention and time.

Changing landscapes and new directions are nothing new, but these issues must be addressed. How can Museum’s adapt to changing internal and external forces and become integral parts of the communities they serve? We invite museum professionals to explore the crossroads that museums are facing to help their colleagues maneuver current and coming change.


Location and Host Hotel:
Bloomington-Normal Marriott Hotel & Conference Center
201 Broadway, Normal, IL 61761
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Bloomington-Normal Marriott

What's new about this years conference:
IAM's 2019 Conference is designed to help and connect museum professionals in as many ways as possible. We realize that a conference is more than just sessions, workshops, events and tours - it's CONNECTIONS. Our conference will look for ways to provide opportunities for Museum Professionals to connect, network, share and sound off. Special meet-ups, informal "Flash Talks" - after hours special interest group gatherings will be featured.



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