Aspire to Inspire...

Are you a place of inspiration? It is one thing to see Lincoln’s hat on a website, but quite another to share the same space with it.  Museums are the only places that offer authenticity; whether it is historic collections, art, living collections, or inspirational spaces to grow and learn.   Museums in Illinois are uniquely qualified to share the vast and varied stories of our state, stories that stretch out over the rolling prairies and offer inspiring looks into history, nature, art, and built environments.  We are much more than just the Land of Lincoln and museums can tell those stories. There are over 1000 museums in Illinois and all are places of inspiration.

How Does IAM Inspire the Illinois Museum Community?

  • Awards program Participation in the Awards Program that includes recognition of exhibits, publications, special events and educational programs.
  • Annual Conference offered each year to encourage the exchange of information, ideas, methods, and solutions to mutual problems
  • Latest news about museums
In what ways can your museum inspire? Share your story