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As a service to its institutional members, the Illinois Association of Museums (IAM) will offer a Museum Clearinghouse on its website. Members may use the clearinghouse to dispose of or exchange objects. There is no fee to be paid to IAM and objects are to be given away through this program, not sold. All communications and negotiations on these matters are to be handled by the posting and requesting museums.


To use the Museum Clearinghouse, museums must:

  1. be an institutional member of the Illinois Association of Museums and an Illinois non-profit organization
  2. be able to document ownership of the object
  3. be able to document that the object to be listed has been appropriately deaccessioned from the museum's collection
  4. be willing to sign a disclaimer releasing IAM from any liability.

Objects to be given away through the Museum Clearinghouse might include, but are not limited to:

  1. artifacts and archival material from the museum’s collection
  2. books and reference materials
  3. display properties such as mannequins, vitrines, and Plexiglas mounts
  4. computers, printers, scanners, and other technological materials


  1. The museum wishing to offer an object on the Museum Clearinghouse will send the following items to the IAM office
    • A photograph of the object
    • A copy of the deed of gift or other document showing ownership
    • A copy of the meeting minutes showing appropriate action being taken to deaccession the object from the museum’s collection or disposal of other material
    • A copy of the disclaimer form below releasing IAM from any liability
  2. The item will be offered on the website for up to three months (or less, if the museum so chooses.)
  3. A museum wishing to acquire an object from the Museum Clearinghouse will contact the offering institution directly. All negotiations will be between the two participating institutions. IAM will have NO role or responsibilities in the transaction beyond the publication of the information about the availability of the artifact.