Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
212 North Sixth Street
Springfield, IL 62701


Invites applications for the position of:

An Equal Opportunity Employer
BID ID #: 40070-19-10-150-01

$4,295.00 - $12,128.00 Monthly
OPENING DATE: 05/02/19
CLOSING DATE: 05/16/19 11:59 PM

This position serves as the Exhibits Director for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and
Museum (ALPLM), a world class institution that welcomes more than 250,000 visitors every year,
and that houses one of the world's best collections of Lincoln-related documents, artifacts and
audiovisual materials. The incumbent will plan, develop, organize, control and manage programs
under the Museum Exhibits Division, overseeing the creation of special exhibits, and the
maintenance of permanent exhibits. The ALPLM boasts pristine facilities, a creative environment,
and a professional staff with a variety of backgrounds and talents. We invite qualified applicants
to apply for the position of Exhibits Director and help ALPLM continue to chronicle the life of one of
our Nation's greatest Presidents.

1. 25% - Plans, develops, organizes, controls and manages programs under the Museum
Exhibits Division:
a. Develops, recommends, and implements long and short term exhibits
b. Gets goals and objectives and monitors their success towards the accomplishment of
the goals and objectives of the Agency
c. Establishes exhibit budgets and monitors expenditures
d. Coordinates exhibits with the Museum Shows Division, Education Division, State
Historian and other Senior Staff, and acts collaboratively to meet Agency goals and
e. Establishes and maintains national and international relationships with peer
institutions and private collectors of historical artifacts
f. Develops, recommends, and implements Museum Exhibit policies and procedures
g. Acts authoritatively on issues impacting museum exhibit functions, including situations
concerning the care and condition of priceless historical artifacts.

2. 25% - Plans, coordinates and directs, all activities involving museum exhibit operations for
the Agency:
a. Evaluates long term and short term exhibit displays and makes necessary changes or
revisions when deemed necessary or when necessary to maintain the integrity of
priceless artifacts
b. Facilitates communication and lending agreements with national and international
c. Negotiates with national and international peer institutions and donors to obtain
priceless historical artifacts for display at the ALPLM, including cost, shipping methods,
insurance, and display methods
d. Ensures integrity in the transportation and handling of artifacts on loan from
worldwide peer institutions and private collections, artifacts purchased on behalf of the
State of Illinois, and artifacts borrowed from other State of Illinois entities
e. Ensures the integrity of temporary exhibits and compliance with loan agreements
f. Ensures timely execution of temporary exhibits.

3. 20% - Establishes, maintains, and monitors the Exhibits Division's operating budget in
collaboration with the Chief Financial Officer:
a. Directs exhibit budget preparation and controls appropriation of expenditures
b. Reviews current exhibits to define areas requiring increases in appropriations for
exhibit expansion
c. Estimates the future costs of personnel, space, equipment, supplies and services
d. Maintains relationships with outside vendors, manages purchases made with vendors,
tracks expenditures and invoices.

4. 10% - Communicates and Collaborates with ALPLM Stakeholders, Members of Media, and
Patrons, regarding the creation and coordination of Agency exhibits and events:
a. Maintains ongoing communication and positive relationships with Agency staff, the
public, community leaders, organizations and elected officials, and communicates with
such groups in order to develop exciting, educational, and informative temporary
exhibits for the Agency
b. Collaborates with Chief Operating Officer and Chief Information Officer on scheduling
exhibit previews for the press/media, provides answers to media questions on
exhibits, speaks with the press/media at exhibit openings and previews, and provides
information on upcoming temporary and new permanent exhibits
c. Works with individuals in a marketing capacity, specifically: assist with developing
logos, exhibit advertisements, social media
d. Organizes events and/or activities to encourage people to donate to causes and

5. 10% - Supervises staff in the administration and operation of the Exhibits Division:
a. Plans, assigns, prioritizes, coordinates, and evaluates the work of staff
b. Meets with staff to discuss program goals, objectives and strategies and monitors
progress towards the established goals and objectives
c. Provides appropriate training, technical assistance and counseling
d. Conducts performance reviews
e. Determines staffing needs to achieve program objectives
f. Reviews position descriptions
g. Recommends disciplinary action
h. Hears first level grievances
i. Formally advises employee of discipline to be imposed
j. Sets staff schedules and approves time.

6. 5% - Prepares reports on Museum Exhibits functions and activities for the Executive
a. Attends Senior Staff meetings
b. Gives presentation or reports as requested or required on assigned exhibit areas
c. Reviews and analyzes operating results for each area and makes recommendations for
changes when deemed necessary
d. Compiles the results of periodic analysis and reviews them with the Executive Director
to identify any problem areas or to devise new more effective strategies to improve
the operational needs of the division.

7. 5% - Performs other duties as required or assigned which are reasonably within the scope
of the duties enumerated above.

1. Requires knowledge, skills and mental development equivalent to completion of four years
of college
2. 4 years of combined experience planning, developing, designing and/or implementing

PREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS (In order of significance):
1. 4+ years of experiencing planning, developing, organizing, directing and managing
programs and activities under the Museum Exhibits Division
2. Experience overseeing the maintenance of a permanent museum exhibit
3. Experience serving as a museum curator or director
4. Experience developing, maintaining, and monitoring the Museum Exhibits Division's
operating budget
5. Experience supervising staff, specifically: conducting evaluations, imposing discipline,
reviewing work, providing guidance and training
6. Experience procuring personnel, space, equipment, supplies and services
7. Experience maintaining relationships with outside vendors, managing purchases made with
vendors, tracking expenditures and invoices
8. Masters' in Museum Studies, Museum Science, Exposition Design, Public History, Historical
Administration, or Museum Administration
9. Experience working with educators, specifically: provide assistance to visiting school groups,
assisting with the creation of curriculum
10. Experience performing Public Speaking in a professional role
11. Experience working with individuals in a marketing capacity, specifically: assist with
developing logos, exhibit advertisements, social media
12. Experience with organizing events and/or activities to encourage people to donate to causes
and organizations
13. Ability to communicate (both orally & written) effectively to broad audiences, including in
public settings, to staff members, and to external audiences
14. The ability to effectively manage staff members and external vendors externa.
15. Skilled in customer service including interacting with external audiences.
16. The ability to collaborate with a team, and demonstrate patience and leadership in high
pressure situations.

Work hours:
Monday through Friday
8:30 am to 5:00 pm with an hour lunch
Requires occasional work outside of the office, including the attendance of Marketing
and Press Functions
Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum
212 North Sixth Street
Springfield, IL 62701