Tagged: Exploring Modern Graffiti

“Tagged: Exploring Modern Graffiti” investigates the pervasiveness of graffiti in contemporary society, and considers both its artistic merit and transgressive nature. Graffiti's negative impact is evident through its association with hate crimes and gang activity. Even when no malicious sentiments are expressed, graffiti defaces the property of others, ruining surfaces and requiring cleanup that depletes community resources. The art world has long recognized Graffiti's aesthetic value. Street artist like Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat and, more recently, Banksy, were "discovered" by mainstream curators who elevated their graffiti to high art, blurring the lines that separate street from gallery. "Tagged: Exploring Modern Graffiti" poses the ultimate question: in the ever-evolving landscape of modern graffiti, is this form of expression an art or a crime?

Cost: $500 for six week rental

Contact: Peter Van Ael, NIU Museum Studies Certificate Program, [email protected], 815-753-4521