Sweet Home Chicago

For most its history, Chicago produced an astonishing one-third of all candy produced in the United States. The list of famous candies invented or made here reads like a who’s who of favorites: Baby Ruth, Butterfinger, Milk Duds, Wrigley’s gum, Cracker Jack, DeMet’s Turtles, Milky Way, Snickers, Andes mints, Fannie May candies, Lemonheads, and Frango Mints, to name just a few. At its peak, the Chicago candy industry boasted more than 300 companies, employing some 25,000 Chicagoans.

This exhibition would be both a fun, nostalgic look back at some of America’s most beloved favorite confections and also an insightful exploration of what made the city such a hotspot for candy enterprises. The city’s long, frigid winters, its status as the transportation hub for railroad and interstate traffic, and its skilled immigrant population all helped establish it as a premier candy center and encouraged expansion in confectionary styles and flavors.

Using historic photographs, vintage candy wrappers, candy boxes, promotional items, trading cards, and advertisements, this exhibition will trace Chicago’s history, including the Chicago candy industry today, and interactives that encourage visitors to consider the impact of their own choices as candy consumers and possibly candy inventors. The exhibit features a documentary entitled “Candyland USA” narrated by Bill Kurtis.

Content written by Leslie Goddard, PhD – Author of “Chicago’s Sweet Candy History”

Suggested square footage: 1,000

All AV hardware included in rental – host site to store crates and provide installation – rental fee includes delivery to Chicago area and installation supervision. Additional charge for rentals outside the Chicago area.

Promotional images, poster design templates, PR templates, Activity sheet templates included.

 PRICE: $3000.00 for 12 weeks or 3 months

Lance Tawzer, Elmhurst Historical Museum, , 630-530-6450