Sox vs. Cubs: The Chicago Civil Wars

Chicagoans love their baseball. Most baseball fans in Chicago hold a strong allegiance to one team or the other; rare are the true fans of both teams. It’s either south side or north side – no questions asked. The cultural make-up of either club’s fans cannot be painted with a broad brush. Each team has, over time, fostered a cultural identity which is a reflection of its respective fan base. This identity has been formulated and promoted both overtly and subliminally over decades by the clubs, the media and the fans themselves. Major League Baseball in the city of Chicago is divided geographically by only 10 miles, but the distance between the fan bases is far greater.

The exhibit features the important history of each club, comparative charts, artifacts, video scoreboard fan testimonials as well as insight from media members. Interactive elements such as an iPad Trivia challenge (one for each team with two different difficulty levels) are also featured, as well as a Greatest of All Time iPad interactive which allows you to field your dream team.

This exhibit promotes social commentary and looks to describe the nature of the rivalry through multiple approaches to provide an enjoyable and enlightening experience for patrons.
Suggested square footage: 1,000
All AV hardware included in rental – host site to store crates and provide installation – rental fee includes delivery to Chicago area and installation supervision. Additional charge for museums outside the Chicago area.
Promotional images, poster design templates, PR templates, activity sheet templates included.

 PRICE: $3000.00 for 12 weeks or 3 months
Lance Tawzer, Elmhurst Historical Museum, , 630-530-6450