Brewing Identity: The Art of Craft Beer

“Brewing Identity: The Art of Craft Beer” takes a look at the art found on beer cans and bottle labels and the artists who create it.

American craft breweries are rooted in the tradition of historic brewing styles while experimenting with innovative ingredients. While taste is what ultimately establishes a loyal customer base, label design is what brings bottles from the store shelf into the home. The use of beer labels today is more than a means of advertising, it is a preferred way to communicate and establish brand identity.

This exhibition highlights select craft breweries from the Midwestern United States. These breweries were chosen for their attention to detail beyond the taste of the beer. With the art and design of their beer labels and brewery accouterments, an identity is created that allows consumers to appreciate an immersive beer experience.

Price: $500.00 for a six week rental

Contact: Peter Van Ael, NIU Museum Studies Certificate Program, [email protected], 815-753-4521