Board of Directors

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IAM Board of Directors



Kate N. Schureman, Peoria Riverfront Museum


Karen E. Everingham, Illinois State Museum

Immediate Past President

David P. Becker, Chicago Zoological Society


Lance Tawzer, Secretary


George O. Persekian, Wipfli LLP


Sharon Bradham, Cedarhurst Center for the Arts

Claudia Dant, Wabash County Museum

Sharon Francois, Jefferson County Historical Village

Diane Gutenkauf, Ex Offiico

Kelly Klobucher, Hegeler Carus Foundation

Susannah Munson, Southern Illinois University

Rick Riccio, Riccio Exhibit Services

Pam Rohleder, Village of Bartlett Museums 

Jeanne Schultz Angel, The Nineteenth Century Club

Matthew Toland, Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies

Peter Van Ael, Northern Illinois University

Jeff Woodard, McLean County Historical Museum

Sarah Wolf, Discovery Center Museum

Tim Bertschy, Heyl Royster